Saturday, May 07, 2005

New Tunes

I was able to take off a couple of hours early yesterday, so I asked Pookums what she wanted to do. We stopped at Hecht's and got warpaint for the big doin's tonight (see Tonight's the Night, below), then got to her place of choice--CD Warehouse. Shades of Proverbs 22:6. Somehow, we emerged with she having spent nothing and me having compensated for her lack of commerce. Three movies and four CDs later ... well, at least we got one for free because we're in "the club" and hit the required threshold.

Now on the shelf at the Coal Bear Cinema: Bringing Down the House, Pirates of the Caribbean, and X-Men 2. And in the CD player? Brian Wilson "Gettin' In Over My Head," Brian Wilson "Smile," Michael Franks "Blue Pacific," and Medeski, Martin, and Wood "Dropper."

I was surprised how little the Brian Wilson sound has changed over the years. In general, I don't care for it. That's why I bought two, you ask? Well, yes. In general, I don't care for it. But in specific it is a trove of lessons in harmony and progression.

I think it's the lyrics that don't do it for me in the later work. For the earlier, the trite "Oh, that was the 60s" explains much without having to say more. I really like the Smile. Not something I'd often listen to at one sitting, but like a classical score, you get tantalizing hints throughout that foreshadow or reprise a theme. And it all comes together on "Good Vibrations." As for Mr. Franks, he makes Mrs. C.'s eyes twinkle. 'Nuff said. Medeski, Martin, and Wood are something else altogether. They are a blend of jazz, world music, and jam band. More to the point, they are musicians. Some is too out there for me, but I love listening to hear how the bass weaves into it all and pulls it together. I felt guilty subjecting Princess to all this last night as we sat in the parking lot outside Tar-Jee, but today I'm ready to crank it up and dive back in for another listen.

Tonight's the Night

I know. You're thinking a oldie by a raspy-voiced Brit, but not so here. Tonight is the night (and morning) Pookums attends her first promenade. She and her friends have all chipped in for a limousine (at $95 each) and they will meet this evening at five o'clock, then go out for dinner locally. After dinner, the crew will be driven to Baltimore. No gymnasium and crepe paper for these kids. They are going to a hotel at the Inner Harbor.

It all seems kind of tony if you ask me, but then I don't think there was a limousine within 30 miles of my hometown. Anyway, in Indiana the priorities are different. The gymnasium WAS the nicest place in town.

Following the prom, the limousine will bring them back to the high school for the After Prom. My lovely spouse has signed up for the first shift--midnight to three o'clock. Thankfully, I play at church the next morning and was able to gracefully decline participation.

In exchange for covenants to abstain from alcohol, parents have arranged for some nice door prizes. Local businesses have been begged, cajoled, and bullied. Arms have been twisted. Favors have been promised or withheld. As a result, reportedly each of the 300+ students attending the Afterprom will leave with a gift. Two prizes that made the biggest impression on me were a Ford Mustang and a couple of iPods. God bless whoever is comping those two. I think the Mustang is over the top for high school kids. That doesn't keep me from hoping Pookums will need me to pick it up for her tomorrow.

Here are the preparations so far:
* purchase dress (got it at roughly half off, then spent more than that on alterations)
* purchase flower (generously covered by loving grandparents)
* get shoes (this took a couple of trips, but it's done. I suppose it's unwise to erect a beautiful edifice on a cheap foundation, but beyond that analogy I still don't get women and the whole shoe thing)
* purchase necklace (see purse)
* purchase shawl (see purse)
* purchase purse (it's called "accessorizing." It's fitting that such an illness has a label)
* purchase makeup (we stopped at the Clinique counter yesterday)
* get hair done (the girls go to see Bonnie this afternoon)
* get makeup done (they go to see Nimisha afterward).

I'm tired just looking at the itinerary.

I know it's not the same, but getting a heifer ready for the show ring seems to have been simpler. A bath and a blowdry, a bit of a trim, paint the hooves, tease the tailball and hit it with Aquanet, then spray some oil on the coat, slip on the nice leather show halter and we're in the ring. Hmmm. Maybe it's not so different after all. But we saved on the flower.

Our role in all this? Get her to the prep appointments, drop her at the limo, come home, and worry. Easy-peasy.

The Mustang was a cruel rumor that had fathers throughout western Howard county lusting in their hearts. The iPods were iPod minis, which is still a pretty nice deal. SubWay backed out at the last minute, but Pizza Boli's capitalized on the opportunity and delivered four grocery sacks full of subs. Papa John's apparently comped fifty cheese pizzas. That's 100 pepperocinis and 100 little plastic tubs of yummy buttery garlic sauce. Not everybody got a prize, but when Pookums awakened me at 4:30 a.m. she was floating on air and said, "It was awesome." So there you have it.