Saturday, December 04, 2004

Being About the Grilling

We had a peer awards celebration at the office last Friday. The theme was a tailgate party. Several of us brought in grills and set up on the parking lot. Several of us also brought in trucks (it wouldn't be a tailgate party without some tailgates now, would it?).

You won't see the trucks here. In fact, you won't see any pictures because I'm technologically challenged, but imagine if you will a beautiful blue sky. Some would call it "Carolina Blue," but I just had diversity training and know now that such a description ... but enough political correctness. In the foreground, beside his CharBroil grill and dressed in black Carhartt overalls, black Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a black t-shirt, Bruce Bayer is sporting the "short sleeved manly man I'm not bothered by the cold" look. In a second photograph, with tongs and spatula in hand, Jason Wengart has the "I wish I was wearing at least one more layer but at least I have this spiffy Ravens jersey" look. The third guy, your author de jour, is dressed for the weather, a breezy 40-ish degree day, in the de facto uniform of the grill, black Carhartt overalls, a long sleeve (thank you very much) black crew new shirt with blue horizontal (do these make me look fat?) stripes, a black-and-white vertically striped apron, wraparound Hollywood shades, a black wool Lockheed Martin baseball cap AND an insulated Carhartt vest and has a "sure I'll smile for your silly camera but I really wish you wouldn't do this" look. Of the three of us, guess who was the first to leave the grill for the climate-controlled confines of the office. That's right, and please show some respect. That is MR. David Wimp to you.

As you can imagine, it was a beautiful day. A bit chilly, but appropriately so for a tailgate. We had grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and chicken breasts. Another fellow brought in a fryer and we fried a turkey and some chicken wings. I'm not certain the wings ever made it up to the office from the parking lot. Having been on the grilling crew, I'm told there was much food of excellent quality laid out on tables around the office. I cannot confirm that. I will happily vouch for the contents of the dessert table and at least one of the three crock pots of chili.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

T-Giving and All That

The past few days are a blur of turkey, roti, pasta, rum (and Coke), Hefeweisen and probably much more that I am forgetting.

There is much to be thankful for: family and friends, love, support, employment, music, and so many little (but by no means minor) things that often slip beneath one's notice but add significantly to one's happiness.

Thank you to Joan, who does so much to make our lives comfortable. I'm in for 23 more if you are, Babe.

Thank you to Katie, who keeps me laughing and lets me know I'm loved.

Thank you to our families. We don't have to look very far away in the gene pool to find some extraordinary people. We're happy to have been swimming in the same pond.

Thank you to our friends, who hold us up when we're hurting and who remind us constantly of the value of community.

Above all, thank you to God. You have blessed us more than we know.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. When somebody wished a colleague of ours a happy Thanksgivinging, he replied simply, "I'm thankful every day." I echo that sentiment. If you're reading this, you're probably a big reason I feel that way.