Thursday, January 20, 2005

This Just In ...

Loud Explosions Echo Across Baltimore City
POSTED: 5:39 am EST January 20, 2005
BALTIMORE -- People across Baltimore City called police after they heard loud explosions Wednesday night. It turns out the noises were fireworks at the Inner Harbor.
The fire department was aware of the fireworks display, but there's still no word on who organized it.

Coincidentally, my wife and I attended a function at the Harbor last night. After the key speakers had said their piece, they invited us to approach the eastern windows of the meeting room for a "surprise entertainment." Being inside, we heard the jazz band hired for the evening playing a nice rendition of "America" in a smooth jazz styling. Outside we saw a lovely display of fireworks. Boats with flashing lights cordoned the area. A long barge at the end of one of the piers was the launch site. The display went on for quite a few minutes ... or for at least two guitar solos and a a couple of keyboard solos, to be more fair. We heard nary a boom, but it just could be that our views and our news had something in common.

Later, I looked across the harbor to Fort McHenry. From the 21st floor of a building that didn't exist when the Fort was built I wondered what it was like when it was new. I tried to imagine cobblestone streets, carriages and candles, and a time when a fairly steep hill was still a defensible bit of property. It was a good time to wonder. Because, frankly, I don't mingle worth a damn.