Saturday, February 19, 2005

Got to Get You Some Greystone

We have it on good authority from our daughter that Thursday was her best birthday yet. Sure, she's had fewer than 20, so the odds were in our favor--not as if it was either of her parent's birthdays. We're pleased nonetheless.

In large part, we are attributing the success of the day to the Greystone Grill. If you have not had the pleasure, I suggest you visit Columbia 100 Parkway in Ellicott City, Maryland. This place has so much going for it: atmosphere (which you would not expect from a restaurant in a business park), more than adequate staff with warm, welcoming personalities, a nice sound system, a separate room that can be reserved for wine tastings, and the most delicious food I can remember having enjoyed in quite some time. Granted, I cannot lay claim to the fresh, youthful memory that my daughter enjoys, but I ask that you trust me on this. Greystone Grill is worth a visit.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Medium Doings at Chez Colbert

It is the seventeenth day of the second month of two thousand five. That means not a thing to many, but in our house it is a cause for both celebration and consternation. Princess turns seventeen today. Sixteen is traditionally the reason for big doings. Seventeen is more of a blip. An important blip. After all, you can almost hear the click on the Freedom Gear as seventeen falls into place. One more year folks. One more year and you will be out of high school, able to vote, and beginning to make your mark on the world. At least I think I recall it feeling like that.

There will be no huge party here. We are taking our daughter out to a new, upscale establishment in Ellicott City this evening. You may wonder that Ellicott City even has such a thing. I'm dubious myself, but I'll let you know.

We've dressed the part. Ms. C. is lovely in a tapestry jacket. I've submitted to the torture of a tie and a pressed shirt and jacket. Even Her Royal Highness weathered a fashion crisis before she left for school this morning.

The consternation is that we won't have many more of these. Pookums is beginning to get University Eyes and the institution of choice may be in Florida. Despite my most malevolent threats, I don't believe we will be able to move with her and share her dorm room. She is a special young lady, and she has a heart for others, so I suppose we will be fine. It's just that it leaves a matter unresolved. The dog.