Monday, January 15, 2007

A Tale of Two Houses

Despite the several photos taken and logged of things to do in the house where we are living, there are even more things to be done in the house we moved from. I imagine we look much like a person dancing on hot rocks as we glance first at one task, then at the other, and accomplish none of the things on our list. The garage door is still neglected. In our defense, we've packed up several bags of clothing that we've admitted we either will not wear or we can do without. That includes some lovely coats that belonged to my wife's mother. When we were packing them away for charity I breathed in deeply and it was almost as if I was hugging her again.

We have several outstanding offers for assistance. To all our friends: WARNING---we just may be ready to enlist you as we attack these necessary chores. Wednesday, my wife meets with a realtor at our old house and we learn what may be our best course of action. I'd love to sell that property and be debt-free for even just a little bit. Severing the ties to that place would be difficult, but being able to focus here would be a godsend.

Happy M.L. King, Jr's. birthday!


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